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NerdNight Quake III Servers: Current Status   (courtesy of Da' Cracker; modified by fugdub)
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Server Name: In The Mix
Map Name: The Longest Yard (q3dm17)
Frag Limit: 35
Ping Time: 8ms
Version: Q3 1.31 win-x86 Dec 11 2001
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No players are in the game

NerdNight Forum   (courtesy of Senior Cracker & fugdub)
NerdNight Q3TA Stats 06/10/2023

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Horizon - Logo
GigaBite - NerdNight
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Trash Talk
Trash Talk Forum
Trash Talk Gallery
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
McDonald's (courtesy of GigaBite)
Sniper's Paradise (courtesy of GigaBite)
Unreal Tournament 2
Exclusive Game Footage    (courtesy of Romulus & Dr. Evil)
Quake IV
Concept Art
Gladiator (courtesy of Senior Cracker)
Quake III Arena / Team Arena
Point Release 1.31

Point Release ReadMe Files
Point Release 1.31 - ReadMe
Point Release 1.30 - ReadMe
Point Release 1.29h BETA - ReadMe

Recorded Matches (Unzip to /missionpack/demos; From console, type "/demo DemoName" to view)
Spring 2002 NerdNight Tournament (04/26/2002) - Round 7, Server 1
Spring 2002 NerdNight Tournament (04/26/2002) - Round 7, Server 6

Custom Maps
Fragalicious: "Dreams of Morpheus" (Q3TA)
Romulus: "Lots of Weapons" (Q3)
Romulus: "Da' Crusher" (Q3)
fugdub: "III Towers" (Q3)

Map Packs (Unpack each MapPack into your Quake III Arena folder, preserving folder names)
LvL PlanetQuake Q3A Map Pack 2: The Top Peg (Modified for {NN} Tourney Play)
GigaBite's Quake III Team Arena Map Pack 1
OrganDonor's Quake III Team Arena Map Pack 1
AEON'S DM17 (Remake of DM17 for Insta-Gib play)

Mods (Unpack each Mod into your Quake III Arena folder, preserving folder names, unless otherwise stated)
Gauntlet Arena Mod for Quake III Arena (Additionally, copy q3key and q3config from "missionpack" folder to "g_arena" folder)

Utilities and Scripts
Pakscape v0.11 (Create & manage .PK3 files for Q3/Q3TA)
Clean Screen Configuration File (Removes all items from HUD - great for screenshots)
Restore Screen Configuration File (Restores items to HUD)
Unreal Tournament
Patch v436
Bonus Pack #1
Bonus Pack #2
Bonus Pack #3 (Inoxx Pack)
Bonus Pack #4
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Patch 1 (US Only)

Multiplayer Demo
Single Player Demo

Demo Maps
The Hunt

Horizon - Nerd of Honor Logo
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
RTCW MP Patch 1.1
RTCW MP Patch 1.31

Maps by Marko (2)
Von GigaBite Map Pack 1
Von GigaBite Map Pack 2
Von GigaBite Map Pack 3
Von GigaBite Map Pack 4
Von GigaBite Map Pack - All

Change Player Script

BJ Blazkowicz (courtesy of Vatch)

Von GigaBite - Not for Geeks Anymore
Von GigaBite - Axis NerdNight
Helmut Rammstein - Wallpaper #1
Helmut Rammstein - Wallpaper #2
Helmut Rammstein - Wallpaper #3
Helmut Rammstein - "NerdNight" RTCW Wallpaper
NVIDIA Drivers
NVIDIA Detonator XP v.23.11  (Windows XP/2K)
NVIDIA Detonator XP v.23.11  (Windows 9x/Me)
MS Intellimouse Drivers
Intellimouse Drivers v4.0  (Windows ME)
Intellimouse Drivers v4.0  (Windows XP)
Game Voice
GameVoice Update 1.5
Tribes 2
GigaBite's Tribes 2 Map Pack (from
Worms World Party
Worms World Party Service Pack 1
Worms World Party Mission Editor (Requires SP1)
WormNet Patch

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